Hello World, I’m here to help!

I run into so many people these days that are just CONFUSED about everything going on with their finances. Of course, as a Financial Planner, many of these people happen to be close friends and family… and I’m determined to help.


Let’s all be honest here:

Between bankers, planners, brokers, attorneys, accountants, and 17 other professionals – you could easily spend more money than you probably have in your bank just trying to find the right advice. We don’t learn personal finance in school and the world just serves to confuse us more the longer we spend in it.

I’m here to clean all that up. My personal mission is to help young professionals take charge of their financial lives – creating a “pay yourself first” system, avoiding unnecessary costs, and becoming empowered through knowledge. In my head, by reading this blog on a weekly basis, you will learn SO much about all the aspects of personal finance that you will become the “expert” among your group of friends regardless of what you do for a living.

It’s a HUGE goal but I’m honestly tired of our generation dealing with all the debt and so little in assets, and I’m here to turn the tide around.

One year from now, when you come onto this page, you’ll be able to search for a myriad of financial topics – new ones launching each Monday – and end the “googling” for Financial advice.

One rule: we’re officially best friends. You can reach out to me, ask me questions, ask for advice and we can most definitely hang out in the real world… and in return… all I ask is that you share anything you find valuable here with ALL the people you know.

Let’s start a new generation of Finance Savvy professionals asking all the right questions and eliminating all the confusion around personal finance.