Money Matters: Avoid Getting ‘Sandwiched’ Out of Retirement



The Sandwich Generation refers to people typically in their thirties or forties, responsible for bringing up their children, saving and accumulating wealth for themselves, and caring for their aging parents. The goal: make sure you can afford your own retirement (however that looks for you), while also taking care of your loved ones along the way. It seems like a daunting task, but with the help of this creative and informative guide, you will learn the necessary insight to achieve your financial goals!

Meet Jen and Jack. They have now been married for six years; they have two beautiful children, a lovely home, run the finances of their household jointly, and are dealing with being a part of The Sandwich Generation. They are figuring out how to save for both college and retirement. Jen and Jack also face the very likely scenario where they will need to help Jack’s parents as they age. In addition, Jack has decided to start a business and is overwhelmed with all the financial decisions involved. Whether you are like Jen and Jack or whether you have different goals for the future, the fundamental principles of financial security remain the same.

Throughout this book, the author guides you on Jen and Jack’s journey, but at each stage, you also will be considering the variety of alternatives you may be facing in your life. You may not fit all parts of this – perhaps your parents have done their own financial planning, and you will never have to take care of them, or you may never want to have children. If that is the case, please feel free to take what applies to you and discard everything that does not. This book is organized topically, so it can easily serve as a reference guide for you to make key decisions in areas that may be new or unfamiliar. Whatever your goals may be, this book will help you achieve them!

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