“…This book is a great starting point for couples…”



This book is a great starting point for couples. What I loved the most is at the end of each chapter there is a “wrap-up” with questions to actually discuss with your partner. You can easily take this book in chunks this way and really dive into your financial life together. Having a set list of questions takes the pressure off either of you feeling “attacked” about the way you do your own finances as you start to merge together.

Reviewed by Kassie, United States

“… There are a few things about this book that makes it so special…”



I wish I had found this book in my prior relationship! There are a few things about this book that makes it so special: 1. It’s divided into stages – being on your own, getting serious in a relationship, moving in together, getting engaged, and finally after marriage and planning for a family. It’s a great reference point for anyone at any of these stages. 2. It drives home things you need to discuss with your partner at each step and really functions as a great checklist. 3. There’s a set of discussion points at the end of each chapter to easily facilitate discussions with your significant other. I love this book and I recommend it for every couple, regardless of what stage of your relationship you’re in. Finance issues are like cancer to a relationship.

Reviewed by Artem, United States

“… this book made me feel I there are no “unknown unknowns…”



Such a great inside look into the many questions you wouldn’t think to ask on your relationship financial journey until it’s possibly an issue. I’m all for pro-actively approaching possibly future challenges and this book made me feel I there are no “unknown unknowns” as I prepare to enter this stage of my life. Great job Veronica!!

Reviewed by Valerie Donohue, United States

“… Great book. I enjoyed it. Lots of new tactics…”



Great book. I enjoyed it. Lots of new tactics.

Reviewed by Lorenzo Sevilla, United States

“… I was floored by how much I actually did not know…”



I just finished reading “Money Matters: Everything You Should Have Learned in School, but Didn’t” and though I considered myself pretty well versed in practical financial knowledge, I was floored by how much I actually did not know and how making small adjustments to everyday life could actually change your financial standing in the long (or not so long) run. Living in today’s economy in our late twenties is hard enough- but combining the added stress of trying to save enough money for a down payment, balancing “enjoying life” while making fiscally responsible choices for our family and putting aside forr retirement, college funds and “what if’s” is incredibly daunting. The break down that Veronica offers takes some of the fear out of the ridiculous equation by handing you the information in the simplest way possible. Her writing style is personable and makes you feel like you are chatting with a friend instead of looking up what different savings options are. This is the type of book that I would gift to family and friends upon high school and college graduations. The information in this book is that important.  

Reviewed by Shira O. from Brooklyn, New York

“… things you NEED to be thinking about…”


This book is a great read! It is easy to get through (took me about two days).  It provides an informative snapshot of everything one needs to know to begin their path to financial success and also necessary details about key items in one’s adult life, like credit cards, bank accounts, taxes, estates, life insurance, and a basic overview of investing.  In today’s world, it can difficult to navigate through all the financial terminology and paperwork (loads and loads of paperwork) and what to do when.  Whether or not you have everything ready or are in the process of figuring stuff out (which most of us are), I like this book because it can be used as a beginners guide as an overview of things you NEED to be thinking about or help you realize things that you should be considering that are on your horizon for the future.  Veronica Karas, the author, is very knowledgeable, and she really is one the most helpful I know, and this is why I know she wrote this book with the intention to help people achieve financial success.

Reviewed by Justine K. from Brooklyn, New York

All the questions you were
afraid to ask…”


It’s finally here! Almost every basic question about your financial life is answered in this book. All the questions you were afraid to ask, answers to all those “basic” questions that no one every taught you in school. This book covers your financial journey from your first job to retirement. That includes budgeting, college planning options, investments, insurance – everything! It’s not filled with confusing jargon either. It’s a great, easy read for someone who’s ready to take control, and if you’re a person that’s exactly where you want to be, you’ll definitely learn something new! It’s filled with interesting stories and specific things you can do right now to get you feeling confident in your own ability to do it right. Go get a copy!

Reviewed by Alex K. from Long Island, New York

“…breaks down scary money concepts into interesting and non-threatening examples…”




This book is the perfect introduction to personal finances. Anyone can benefit from it, for example, the high school student starting their first job, a professional picking out their financial planner or someone who is ready to retire. Money Matters is a short book filled with information. Veronica Karas breaks down scary money concepts into interesting and non-threatening examples such as a yoga instructor’s taxable income. I highly recommend this book as a reference guide for anyone dealing with money, which is EVERYONE.

Review by Tatyana G. from Brooklyn, New York

“…fountain of knowledge…”




Where was this book when I first started out?? MUST READ!!!
Let’s be honest… When I hear about any finance books, or anything finance related, I tend to turn my head, because I automatically think: big words, hard to understand, business, too much to think about.
This book is none of that. I could not put this book down, because this was a fountain of knowledge that had me completely INTRIGUED.
Veronica answers questions that I have asked several times, and some I didn’t even think I was subconsciously asking. It’s not just a book because she writes it in a language that I literally could picture her sitting down and discussing each part with me. People are often quick to give their financial opinion or tell you how you should handle your money, but how often are we able to retain/use that information? As I read the book, it was easy to understand what Veronica was saying, but more importantly, I was able to connect. I feel that when it comes to money matters, it’s a bonus to be able to connect with your person, and without a doubt, I connected. Thank you. This was such an eye opener. I WANT MORE!!!!

Review by Amy L. from Brooklyn, New York

“I loved when she shared real world scenario



I am not a financial planner and I often feel lost when asked which decisions I want to make pertaining to my future and retirement. Veronica helps to break it down in pieces that I can actually understand and helped me feel more knowledgeable moving forward. She speaks to the reader in such a way that you feel like you’re sitting next to her having a conversation. The book was enjoyable and easily a quick read for me! I loved when she shared real world scenarios that I could relate to and her tips and tricks felt attainable and left me feeling empowered instead of confused. Money Matters is definitely a book I plan to share with family and keep in my back pocket to reference when I need some direction!

Review by Jennifer T. from Bedford, Pennsylvania

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