Veronica Karas: Crafting Lasting Legacies Through Empowered Financial Planning

Born in Minsk, Belarus, and raised in the United States, Veronica Karas discovered her passion for finance and economics at a young age. With a strong focus on independence and education throughout her upbringing, Veronica’s mission is to help others make informed financial decisions that allow them to create lasting legacies for themselves and their loved ones.

A Financial Planning Expert

Combining her degrees in International Marketing and Business Administration with her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢ Designation, Veronica has honed her skills in understanding her clients’ unique needs and aspirations. Her expertise in complex financial planning matters, such as multi-generational wealth, defined benefit plans, stock option plans, LTIPs, ESOPs, and ESPPs, sets her apart as a trusted advisor for individuals and non-profit organizations seeking to build a defined legacy.

Empowering Women and Couples Through Life Transitions

Veronica takes pride in empowering women and couples navigating life transitions, guiding them in crafting a financial plan that reflects their values and the impact they wish to leave behind. By offering customized solutions and a deep understanding of each client’s personal journey, Veronica ensures that her clients can confidently move forward in achieving their financial goals and building a lasting legacy.

A Prolific Author and Advocate for Financial Literacy

Veronica’s dedication to financial literacy is evident through her “Money Matters” book series, which has sold over 250,000 copies worldwide. She donates her books to libraries across the United States, ensuring everyone has access to sound financial advice and planning. Veronica’s passion for financial education extends beyond her written work, as she delivers financial literacy presentations nationwide and serves as co-president of the CAPTRUST Community Foundation.

Inspiring Business Speakers

In addition to her work as a financial planner and author, Veronica Karas is a sought-after speaker for businesses and groups, captivating audiences with her engaging presentations on cultivating a positive money mindset and making informed financial decisions. Her extensive knowledge and passion for financial literacy make her a valuable resource for organizations looking to educate and inspire their members.

Veronica’s speaking engagements are customized to suit the needs of each audience, ensuring that her message resonates with attendees and sparks meaningful conversations about personal finance. Her topics range from overcoming common financial challenges and building a strong foundation for financial success to creating a positive money mindset that empowers individuals to make sound financial choices. Veronica’s dynamic presentations are the perfect blend of expert insights, practical tips, and motivational storytelling.

Partnering with Ethical and Client-Focused Firms

Veronica’s commitment to her clients is exemplified by her alignment with ethical and client-focused practices. Joining FCE Group in 2016, she found a company that shared her principles of putting clients first and treating them like family. As part of a business continuity strategy, FCE Group merged with CAPTRUST in 2018, where Veronica continued to thrive, working directly with clients to help them build lasting financial legacies.

A Personal Touch: Engaging with the Community

Veronica, her husband Alex Karas, their son Ethan, and their three rescue pets reside in Port Washington, NY, where they are active members of the community. Veronica’s drive to help others achieve their financial dreams and leave a meaningful legacy is at the heart of everything she does.

Trust Veronica Karas as your financial partner to guide you in creating a lasting legacy and achieving your financial goals. With her robust expertise, unwavering commitment to client success, and compassionate approach, Veronica is poised to help you craft a financial plan that reflects your values and aspirations for generations to come.