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Financial planning can be a taxing responsibility to take on without help. Using expert guidance, I can help you get on the financial path that you need to achieve the life you deserve. The financial means to your dreams aren’t too far away.

Meet Veronica

I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (TM) Professional, and have been working in the finance industry since 2008. I started by working for a life insurance company, then spent about six months working for a large investment research firm. I was then lucky enough to get hired to work as a full-time marketing associate for a small Registered Investment Advisor (RIA…

Do You Need a Finance Coach?

Financial coaching is perfect for your needs if any of the following applies to you!

• You’re excited to make real changes in your life and ready to be held accountable for commitments you make.

• You need someone to guide you through where to start.

• You’re ready to do some candid self-reflection about where you are financially.

• You want clarity on what progress looks like.

• You want to have a healthy relationship with money.

What people are saying…

“… I was floored by how much I actually did not know…”

-Shira O. from Brooklyn, New York


“… things you NEED to be thinking about…”

Justine K. from Brooklyn, New York

“…breaks down scary money concepts into interesting and non-threatening examples…”

Tatyana G. from Brooklyn, New York

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