Why Veronica?

Veronica has a love for people that extends beyond her day-to-day work. She has spent her entire career focusing on how to best serve her clients, colleagues, and communities. Veronica goes above and beyond to help each and every person she encounters. She has had the pleasure of working with and speaking to audiences across various age groups, industries, and upbringings. Veronica’s passion comes through in everything she does and every life she touches.

“Veronica is an engaging speaker who truly believes in the work she is doing.
authenticity really shines through. She gives real life examples that are relatable and understandable.”
Deena Alphin, Adjunct Professor, Sociology, College of Staten Island

Speaker Topics

Making Money Moves

Practical strategies to help women achieve financial empowerment.

Mindset of a Billionaire

Everything you need to know about changing your mindset about finances and how to sustain a successful financial future.

Your Financial Juice Cleanse

Everything you need to know about taking care of your financial well-being.

My Kids Want WHAT Now?

What you need to know about multigenerational planning, and how to save for yourself and for generations to come.

Uncle Sam Wants my Money

All about tax planning and how to maximize your tax deductions.

Check Please!

How to efficiently and effectively save your money, helping you to achieve the financial means to reach your personal and professional goals.

Be Your Own Boss

Tips for entrepreneurs and what you need to know to benefit your business financially.

Taking Back the Power

Learn about different investment vehicles and which would work best to achieve your financial goals.

Retirement 101

Putting off retirement planning is a dangerous thing to do. This program offers insights on what you need to know to get started and what steps you can take.

And Much More...

Veronica can employ her wealth of financial aptitude experience to tailor her talks to the needs of your organization and training requirements.